¡Arriba el Caribe! – Program Schedule

Summit Agenda

This two-day Summit is designed for professionals interested in developing and enhancing their knowledge of the trending cuisine of El Caribe. The program includes general sessions, engaging demonstrations and tastings, and vibrant panel discussion. Register now and join us >

Day 1
Continental Breakfast
Welcome and Introduction
Morning Session
–Soups and Stews…Starters or a Wholesome Meal?
–Demystifying Tubers, Mashers, and Viandas
–Cooking with Rum
Afternoon Session
–Panel Discussion: What does it mean to be Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican?
Family-style Dinner and Reception

Day 2
Continental Breakfast
Morning Session
–El Caribe Sunrise “DES-AYUNO” Iconic Breakfast Dishes
–East Asian Cuisine Influence in El Caribe
–Beverage Tasting—Miller-Coors
–Panel Discussion: Other Foreign Cuisine Influencing El Caribe Cuisine
–Street Foods: Roadside Kiosks and Shores Food in El Caribe
Afternoon Session
–Beverage Tasting—Iconic Drinks of El Caribe
–Panel Discussion: Past, Present, and Future of Caribe
Closing Remarks
Gala Reception

Register now, join us in October 2017 >

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