¡Arriba el Norte! – Program Schedule

This one-day Summit was designed for professionals interested in developing and enhancing their knowledge of the trending cuisine of El Norte—the border region of the U.S. and Mexico—where the flavor profiles of these areas meet to form a distinctive cuisine all its own. The program included general sessions, engaging demonstrations and tastings, and vibrant panel discussion.

8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast
9 a.m. Welcome and Introduction
Speaker: Fernando Salazar
9:15 a.m. Culinary Demonstration and Tasting (45 minutes)
Theme: Comuna – Mexican Cuisine & Social Dining for Millennials
Moderator: Fernando Salazar
Presenter: Andrea Martinez
Showcasing the essential elements of a truly memorable meal, Comuna is the laboratory for Chef Andrea Martinez’s particular brand of alchemy that brings together locally sourced ingredients, time tested preparations and a contemporary flair to create dining options that are perfectly in tune with today’s millennial world. Chef Martinez will share her formula for cracking the millennial code of contemporary dining that is quickly evolving into a highly social, shared culinary experience that is equal parts sustenance, entertainment and adventure.
10:15 a.m.  Culinary Demonstration and Tasting (45 minutes)
Theme: Cuisines from the Northern Gulf of Mexico—Tamaulipas
Moderator: Fernando Salazar
Presenter: Angel Garcia
Showcasing 92 years of tradition and the essential elements of a truly memorable meal, restaurant El Porvenir is the laboratory for Chef Angel Garcia’s seafood alchemy. He brings together locally sourced ingredients, time-tested preparations, and an environment full of memories and tradition that are perfectly in tune.

Chef Garcia will share the formula for success that is quickly evolving into a highly social, shared culinary experience offering, in equal parts, sustenance, entertainment, and adventure.

11:15 a.m. Culinary Demonstration and Tasting (45 minutes) 
Theme: The Modern Interpretation of the Classic Cabrito 
Moderator: Alain Dubernard 
Presenter: Juan Ramón Cárdenas
Over the centuries, a distinct culinary tradition has evolved around cabrito, placing it at the center of every festival or celebration in Northern Mexico. Through a series of demonstrations and recipes, Chef Ramón Cárdenas will provide an illustrated history of the all-important goat in Northern Mexico. He will take you on a journey from goats introduction to the state of Tlaxcala by the Spanish Viceroy Don Luis de Velasco in the late 16th century to its current iconic status as one of the region’s most recognized and revered culinary traditions.Chef Cárdenas is widely regarded as both a curator and a leading practitioner of both traditional and modern preparations of this essential ingredient. Demonstrating recipes perfected at his restaurant, Don Artemio in Saltillo, he will deliver a master class in the preparation of some his most popular dishes like Cabrito al Horno Braseado, Cabrito Estofado, Fondo Modernista, and Morral de Cabrito Sous Vide.
12:15 a.m.  Lunch & Demonstration (60 minutes)
Theme: The Many Faces of Rice 
Presenters: Alfredo Villanueva & Michael Brockman
The Josper oven perfectly realizes the marriage between the complexities of live fire cooking and the elegant simplicity of modern equipment perfectly designed for that purpose. As this method of roasting continues to gain in popularity in the states, Alfredo Villanueva has already been using this technology, almost exclusively, to produce remarkable food at his restaurant Romero y Azahar in Monterrey for some time.In this two-for-one session, Chef Villanueva will team up with Chef Mike Brockman, corporate chef for Wood Stone Corporation, to focus on a single elemental ingredient found around the world—rice. They will present a variety of innovative rice dishes utilizing the Josper oven that feature traditional flavors of El Norte with some very non-traditional cooking techniques.
1:30 p.m.  Presentation and Tasting (60 minutes)
Theme: The Wines of Mexico
Moderator: Sergio Remolina
Presenter: L.A. Cetto
Ninety percent of the vineyards in Mexico are located in the northern region of the country. Begun in 1928, L.A. Cetto wine is today sought after by the most discerning palates. They have received more than 150 awards from some of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world. A third generation of family winemakers, led by Luis Alberto Cetto, is now is dedicated to opening international markets for Mexican wines. He will share this exciting wine with you. 
2:45 p.m. Discussion Panel (60 minutes)
Theme: The Cuisine of El Norte: What’s Next?
Moderator: Sergio Remolina
Presenters: Alfredo Villanueva, Angel Garcia, Andrea Martinez, Diana Barrio Treviño,  Iliana de la Vega, Juan Ramón Cárdenas, Johnny Hernandez, Melissa Guerra
4 p.m. Culinary Demonstration and Tasting (60 minutes)
Theme: Botanas & Tequila 
Moderator: Sergio Remolina
Presenters: Iliana de la Vega & German Gonzalez
Taking their cue from the popular wine pairing menus of the last decade, more and more restaurants are garnering recognition and customer favor by offering exciting pairings of spirits and food. Accordingly and in the “spirit” of El Norte, renowned Oaxacan chef Iliana de la Vega and master tequila distiller German Gonzalez will collaborate to craft and present the principles, techniques, and commercial realities that constitute the science of tequila and food pairing.By examining delicious and provocative combinations, you will appreciate the deep respect for tradition that Chef de la Vega brings to the table at her restaurant, El Naranjo, in Austin, TX. And you will acquire a better understanding of the nuances that make great tequila, as Mr. Gonzalez recounts his early days spent in the fields of his father’s distillery.
5 p.m. Summary and Closing Remarks
Speaker: Fernando Salazar 




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