¡Arriba el Norte! – 2015 Conference


The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), San Antonio, hosted its first annual Latin Cuisine Summit on October 2, 2015.

Presented by the CIA’s Center for Foods of the Americas, this new series of annual retreats is dedicated to Latin cuisine, culture, and education. Each October, the summit brings together leading experts in the food and culture of various regions of Latin America, as well as chefs and foodservice leaders in the industry who are best positioned to advance the future of Latin American culinary talent and Latin-rooted flavors.

The 2015 Summit, Arriba el Norte!, was designed for professionals interested in developing and enhancing their knowledge of the trending cuisine of El Norte—the border region of the US and Mexico–where the flavor profiles of these areas meet to form a distinctive cuisine all its own.

Presenters and guest chefs from the US and Mexico presented new trends and concepts showing growth and success in the industry.

They shared challenges, solutions, and successful implementations of this cuisine into their menus. Panels and breakout sessions discussed new trends and how they can be incorporated into menus to boost revenue growth. Guest chefs demonstrated the use of new ingredients and products and how they can be used in menu development. The format of the summit facilitated professional networking with key members of the industry.

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