Center for Foods of the Americas’ conferences are designed to increase awareness of Latin culture and cuisine through public events and gatherings of the culinary community.

Latin Cuisine Summit

The Latin Cuisine Summits provide opportunities for learning and exploration for industry professionals, CIA students, high school students, and consumers that focus on the different cuisines of Latin America. Previous conference programs were themed around the cuisine of el Norte (Mexico) and el Sur (Chile and Argentina). The 2017 conference will explore el Caribe (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba).

The four-day conference is created to appeal to different audiences:

  • Professionals—Two days are dedicated to our professional Latin Cuisine Summit, which includes food and beverage presentations, interactive breakout sessions, culinary demonstrations, discussion panels, and creativity sessions with a concentration on regional flavor profiles and cuisines. Learn more about the 2017 Arriba el Caribe Summit >
  • Students—High school and CIA students benefit from a day filled with demonstrations and informative presentations on the gastronomy and culture of the explored countries.
  • Consumers—The final day of the conference is a festival, which is open to the public. We offer classes, tastings, and demonstrations that explore the conference theme. Learn more about the 2017 Arriba el Caribe Festival >


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